Finding Inspiration

About a month ago I shared with my mentor that I am struggling to figure out a few things.  She asked me to spend a whole month with one goal…to pay attention and listen to my heart each day as I was seeking clarity.  That seemed easy enough, but I wasn’t prepared for all that this simple task would reveal to me, when I slowed down and began to truly listen.  Actually the first obstacle was that I had to slow down and pay attention to my heart! Which means less talking and more listening.  Throughout the month I discovered places that were wounded, grieving, struggling, as well as amazing things like gratitude, joy, deep love, justice, passion to create change, and the list goes on and on.  I am just beginning to understand the profound task I was given.

I will admit that paying attention to my heart is going much better than my journalling about it.  This past weekend brought a new insight about taking time to purposely nurture the parts of my heart that inspire me.  It was something that I had not payed much attention to.  I was invited to a dinner party in Minneapolis.  I have a deep love for this city and driving in I started to breathe a little deeper as I began to soak it all in.  It is a place that my heart beats just a little different and I feels alive in a way that is hard to explain.  Graciously, Siri took me right to the dinner party without any rerouting.  As I walked onto the big enclosed front porch, I noticed a couch that instantly transported me through time to endless summer nights and in-depth conversations with girlfriends.  Back then I only had myself to consider so it was a time of discovery and taking risks.  I was just beginning to figure out who I was and all the possibilities that were in store for me. This time of searching, trial and error and many triumphs laid foundations for my life as I know it now.  What a great thought of all I have experienced since then to flash across my mind.

I was welcomed inside and I drank in the amazing character displayed in the woodwork and the decor of the home.  Total Urban Bliss!  I quickly realized that I was the first to arrive at the party, where I really only knew one person and she was late due the unfortunate rerouting of Siri.  As the other women arrived, for those of us new to the group, there were introductions, hugs and an instant bond over the one person we all adore.  There was an ease in conversation as we enjoyed great food and wine.  Throughout the night those conversations brought insights into each person as little slices of their stories were revealed.  For me that is even more fabulous and rejuvenating than the good food…

I learned that night that returning to the city and filling that urban part of my heart was definitely my happy place, but also it is essential for my heart to be around strong women enabling me to grow from the incredible power in our stories and experiences.  These women left an impression on my heart.  I was inspired by hearing the passion and guts it takes to pave new industry roads by taking risks.  I learned from the stories of sacrifice, love, the lessons we teach our children, and finding order in a world that isn’t so orderly.  It was the great value I received by taking time to relax and unplug allowing me to truly be present.  In the past few days, as I have thought about these women and being inspired, I realized that this inspiration was playing out in my week and how I was approaching things.  For me inspiration always brings a challenge to grow and the opportunity to live life more fully.

Take some time today (or try 30 days!) to unplug and listen to what your heart is telling you.  You may find some inspiration, unexpected healing, challenge and even some new growth!



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