What Are You Thinking About?

Good Afternoon!

Recently I heard a speaker say,

“What you think about determines the quality of your life.”                                            

That sentence has been swimming around in my brain all jumbled up like a pile of spaghetti.  I have been thinking about the thoughts that empower, encourage, exhaust, bring  gratitude, and the list goes on and on. Like I said, a big pile of spaghetti!  So I decided to take stock and ask myself, “What do my thoughts convey about the quality of my life?” It seems like the perfect opportunity to follow that question with a brilliant revelation that my thoughts are in a constant state of gratitude and keep me highly motivated 24/7! Oh and I am ALWAYS a ray of sunshine!   You can totally laugh, but not too hard since I am mostly like that. Mostly…😊

In the new year, my thoughts were focused (ok slightly obsessed) on living out my word of 2016, which is FEARLESS.  Over and over I have needed to look fear in the eye as I push through my self-imposed barriers and excuses.  For me, those courageous thoughts created momentum and I felt unstoppable.  It’s now the middle of March and the momentum has slowed down and things don’t look as  FEARLESS, they look more comfortable and safe.  I continue to push through on my goals, but something switched and I am taking minimal risks, and it feels a bit boring.  I am convicted over and over that our thoughts, especially the limiting ones, are the biggest hurdle we encounter when we go after our goals and dreams.

In order to Live Fearless and Be Epic, which is my desire, I need to trust that I won’t fall flat on my face and take the risks that come my way.  I also realized that I have to continuously keep the thoughts that scare me or hold me back in perspective and not let them run the show.  If I don’t take them captive then fear holds me captive.  Which is the opposite of living life FEARLESS!  I also know that if I do fall flat on my face, I am an expert at getting back up and moving forward as it may have happened 1 or 1,000 times before.  Just sayin’

Taking time to pay attention to my thoughts and what it reveals about the quality of my life was a great exercise to make me pause and assess.  I realized, daily I get to be in charge of my thoughts and the power they have to create the momentum and the desired joy in my life.  I also get to choose what swims around in my mind and how much power it has over me.  I will continue to nurture the thoughts that allow me push through and live fearless, be grateful, and content and let go of the ones that don’t.  Today is St. Patrick’s Day and basking in that reality seems like a very lucky space to be in .





4 thoughts on “What Are You Thinking About?

  1. Karen Rogers says:

    Thanks for helping me refocus my day! You and your blog spoke just at the right time I needed to hear this message!!!!
    As always thanks! Hugs to you!


  2. Patti Clark says:

    Thanks Tracey. I totally believe that our thoughts shape our life and can absolutely determine the quality of our life. It’s great when we are caught up in a wonderful spiral of empowering encouraging thoughts! But it’s harder when it’s a downward spiral of negative thoughts crowding our brain like spaghetti. But I totally believe if we all take the time to pay attention to our thoughts, we can hugely impact the quality of our life.
    Thanks for the post Tracey!


    • Tracey Winn Steivang says:

      Hi Patti, I totally agree! Paying attention to our thoughts helps stop the negative ones and helps us choose the positive life giving ones! It’s for sure a process we have to stay on top of! Thanks for your insight! Tracey


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