Embracing the Un-Comfort Zone


Here to comfort the afflicted &
afflict the comfortable.

This sign was posted anonymously on my office door one day when I walked into work. Go ahead and read that again. I know right?! Is it a compliment? Yes! I soooooo love that someone sees me this way and stuck this to my door. It was also cause for a quick pause to replay recent events. I stood there trying to remember who I may have afflicted or comforted. Maybe it was a little of both? With pride, I’m taking this crazy awesome compliment and owning this unique quality someone sees in me.

For me, supporting others out of their comfort zone is definitely a process. Occasionally it might even feel like a push—gently of course. Just a little love shove to get someone who may be stuck to move forward. If you have been around me you also know that for my tribe, I will comfort and fiercely stand by you in the middle of a storm. That is for sure one of my superpowers. #ineedacape

So, as a career coach and consultant, being good at this “getting out of your comfort zone” stuff should come easy peasy for me personally, too, right?! Yet it seems that when I am faced with the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, my first instinct is to run, hide or basically play dead! Yep, not even going to pretend.

I love imposing challenge and growth on others, but it’s not so fun when it’s all about my growth. This past week I traveled to California to become a better speaker and craft my message. What I learned during that time stretched me beyond what I had imagined. I was inspired to do a number of new things in my business that are scary, exciting and TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. As an added bonus, I got a gentle love shove to do things differently in my personal life as well!

Here’s the deal, if I don’t take this leap and stand right in the middle of the Un-Comfort Zone, I am going to miss the good stuff. I know this because I carry around a bucket full of 20/20 hindsight that reminds me of when I have let fear, excuses, finances, timing, comparison (I could list soooo many more, but you get the point) keep me stuck in the past and steal my momentum forward.

Where the magic happensSo today, I am embracing the Un-Comfort Zone and stepping into possibility with a plan. I couldn’t be more excited to move forward with a bigger vision and embrace the opportunities right in front of me. I truly believe, for you and for me, that the magic happens when we are taken out of our comfort zone. That is the secret sauce!

I’m committing to hanging out in this Un-Comfort Zone and working hard to be fearless and live epically! Consider now  where you need to step out of your comfort zone and into the Un-Comfort Zone. I would love to hear about it.

Live Fearless. Be Epic.



2 thoughts on “Embracing the Un-Comfort Zone

  1. my one life. today says:

    I love the term un-comfort zone. I don’t feel too epical about mine at the moment but you sure are right that this is where the magic happens. It’s just not always easy to trade comfort for magic, because at least with comfort you know what you get and where you’re at, but with magic, you just have to trust without knowing or understanding every step of the way.


    • Tracey Winn Steivang says:

      I love your thoughts, I agree comfort is predicable, but it sometimes keeps us stuck and missing out on what could be. I think there are brave and courageous steps that we take in faith between comfort and the magic. For me it isn’t always easy or comfortable but the magic is worth it. Blessings! Tracey

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