Freedom Friday

A little Friday Winnspiration….

It’s Freedom Friday! Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Freedom Friday has definitely become my favorite part of the week. Earlier this year I began implementing Freedom Fridays in my business as an incentive. Basically, it’s my own reward for following through and doing all of the things I put off or avoid or push to the back burner during the week because they aren’t the sexy business things I like to do. It’s just like scrubbing my toilets or kitchen floors. There’s nothing sexy about that, but they must be done. Oh, but I do like the 30 seconds when the floor is squeaky clean before my kids or dog slime it up again!

Just so you know, the path to Freedom Friday is littered with FROGS. Friday mornings I grab a cup of coffee and I “eat those frogs” I’ve been avoiding. Whoa! I know, right? You were thinking, “Tracey, maybe try an almond croissant or a chocolate chip scone instead of a nasty FROG!” Totally agree, but In business — as in life — there are certain things (or FROGS) we push off or push back on. In our minds they are a pain, hard, uncomfortable, time suckers, and my list of excuses to avoid them can go on and on. (Feel free to insert your excuses here.) Kinda like eating a frog. Seriously.  Just the thought of eating a frog is not enjoyable. Although I have it on good authority that frog legs taste just like chicken. Or straight sugar…like this sweet frog below.  So Friday mornings it’s down the hatch with those FROGS!

Once I tackle the FROGS I feel so much freedom! I no longer hold the mental space for the things undone and hanging over me. The time I spent dreading and avoiding NEVER turns out to be as bad as I created it in my mind when I just do it. Focussing on the loose ends and unpleasant tasks allows me not to take those with me into the weekend or into my next week. This is a game changer!

The reason I push through is to have the freedom to dream, plan, and research things that will move my business forward. Sometimes it also looks like taking care of myself and I have a grown-up play date with girlfriends and the freedom to enjoy life and those I love on a friday afternoon.

We all have the things we’ve been avoiding or intending to start that would make our lives a little easier. It might be a hard conversation, lacing up your sneakers, creating a budget, or planning a date night with your significant other or BFF that is LONG overdue. You just have to do it. You are so worth it!

How could you implement Freedom Friday into your week? I would love to hear your ideas.

Live Fearless…Be Epic!

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