Fearlessly Shine in 2017!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’m a few days late and a few days early on the holiday greetings!  I woke up to a quiet house grabbed some coffee and thought I would do a little reflection of 2016 and looking forward into 2017 before my house gets crazy!  We have family staying from Nebraska and together we are a wild and rowdy bunch!

Last December, for the first time I jumped on the “Word of the Year” train instead of doing New Years Resolutions.  Epic decision that brought amazing results!  I set out to pick a word for 2016 that would help influence my decisions, motivation, attitude…basically all things personal and professional.  The word FEARLESS popped up over and over.  So FEARLESS it was!  Which also led to the the tagline for my business.  Live Fearless…Be Epic which definitely had to start with me.  I have spent an entire year being pushed and pulled out of my comfort zone, taking risks, completing a ton of “firsts” in my business and trying not to back down or run the other way even when I was scared or insecurity creeped in.  It was important for me to surround myself with peeps that knew what I had set out to do, so they could hold me accountable, encourage and remind me of my goals. They did not disappoint! This was also a game changer for me…seriously grab an accountability person for the new year!

So now it’s almost 2017 and I have been on the search for the perfect word for a couple months and there is a little bit of pressure, because I feel like I knocked it out of the park on the first round.  For months the word SHINE has been everywhere as I was  focusing on where I wanted to go in 2017.  I want to build upon the momentum I had already created and SHINE fits perfectly.  It is time for me to step into the beauty of what I accomplished this past year and take it to the next level.

So in 2017 it’s time to SHINE!  The first way I am going to focus on this word is to be more present and prepared right out of the gates in the new year.  That is a perfectly SHINY way to begin the new year!  I would love for you to ditch the New Years Resolutions with me and focus on a Word of the Year and SHINE! So what will your word of the year be?

Live Fearless…Be Epic and SHINE!!!




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