Tracey is a dynamic speaker with a powerful message, inspiring audiences with her heart and infectious humor. Living fearlessly and being epic are Tracey’s life goals not only for herself, but also for those she encounters. She is a motivational keynote speaker and balance and productivity expert. Onstage, Tracey is a powerhouse of ideas and—more importantly—ACTION.

In other words, she’s just what you need to propel your team and organization to the next level. Contact Tracey about building a program for your next event.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

September 24, 2016: Fremont, Nebraska

November 14, 2016: River Falls, WI

On the above dates, Tracey will be speaking about HATtitude.

As women we are experts at wearing hats — not only for fashion and adventure but also for survival. We proudly wear our mom, wife, sister, caretaker, boss, co-worker, maid, cook, counselor, friend (and the list can go on and on) hats! Rarely do we wear just one hat, and this can be exhausting and take its toll. Wearing multiple hats brings expectations from ourselves and those around us that can leave us overwhelmed and affect our attitude.

There is more to you than the hats you wear! God has uniquely gifted and clothed you with strength and dignity. (Prov. 31:25) Join Tracey for an uplifting morning that will encourage and inspire you with a new understanding of the hats you wear and how you can nurture your attitude, gratitude and life. That is what having HATtitude is all about!