Fearlessly Shine in 2017!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’m a few days late and a few days early on the holiday greetings!  I woke up to a quiet house grabbed some coffee and thought I would do a little reflection of 2016 and looking forward into 2017 before my house gets crazy!  We have family staying from Nebraska and together we are a wild and rowdy bunch!

Last December, for the first time I jumped on the “Word of the Year” train instead of doing New Years Resolutions.  Epic decision that brought amazing results!  I set out to pick a word for 2016 that would help influence my decisions, motivation, attitude…basically all things personal and professional.  The word FEARLESS popped up over and over.  So FEARLESS it was!  Which also led to the the tagline for my business.  Live Fearless…Be Epic which definitely had to start with me.  I have spent an entire year being pushed and pulled out of my comfort zone, taking risks, completing a ton of “firsts” in my business and trying not to back down or run the other way even when I was scared or insecurity creeped in.  It was important for me to surround myself with peeps that knew what I had set out to do, so they could hold me accountable, encourage and remind me of my goals. They did not disappoint! This was also a game changer for me…seriously grab an accountability person for the new year!

So now it’s almost 2017 and I have been on the search for the perfect word for a couple months and there is a little bit of pressure, because I feel like I knocked it out of the park on the first round.  For months the word SHINE has been everywhere as I was  focusing on where I wanted to go in 2017.  I want to build upon the momentum I had already created and SHINE fits perfectly.  It is time for me to step into the beauty of what I accomplished this past year and take it to the next level.

So in 2017 it’s time to SHINE!  The first way I am going to focus on this word is to be more present and prepared right out of the gates in the new year.  That is a perfectly SHINY way to begin the new year!  I would love for you to ditch the New Years Resolutions with me and focus on a Word of the Year and SHINE! So what will your word of the year be?

Live Fearless…Be Epic and SHINE!!!




Freedom Friday

A little Friday Winnspiration….

It’s Freedom Friday! Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Freedom Friday has definitely become my favorite part of the week. Earlier this year I began implementing Freedom Fridays in my business as an incentive. Basically, it’s my own reward for following through and doing all of the things I put off or avoid or push to the back burner during the week because they aren’t the sexy business things I like to do. It’s just like scrubbing my toilets or kitchen floors. There’s nothing sexy about that, but they must be done. Oh, but I do like the 30 seconds when the floor is squeaky clean before my kids or dog slime it up again!

Just so you know, the path to Freedom Friday is littered with FROGS. Friday mornings I grab a cup of coffee and I “eat those frogs” I’ve been avoiding. Whoa! I know, right? You were thinking, “Tracey, maybe try an almond croissant or a chocolate chip scone instead of a nasty FROG!” Totally agree, but In business — as in life — there are certain things (or FROGS) we push off or push back on. In our minds they are a pain, hard, uncomfortable, time suckers, and my list of excuses to avoid them can go on and on. (Feel free to insert your excuses here.) Kinda like eating a frog. Seriously.  Just the thought of eating a frog is not enjoyable. Although I have it on good authority that frog legs taste just like chicken. Or straight sugar…like this sweet frog below.  So Friday mornings it’s down the hatch with those FROGS!

Once I tackle the FROGS I feel so much freedom! I no longer hold the mental space for the things undone and hanging over me. The time I spent dreading and avoiding NEVER turns out to be as bad as I created it in my mind when I just do it. Focussing on the loose ends and unpleasant tasks allows me not to take those with me into the weekend or into my next week. This is a game changer!

The reason I push through is to have the freedom to dream, plan, and research things that will move my business forward. Sometimes it also looks like taking care of myself and I have a grown-up play date with girlfriends and the freedom to enjoy life and those I love on a friday afternoon.

We all have the things we’ve been avoiding or intending to start that would make our lives a little easier. It might be a hard conversation, lacing up your sneakers, creating a budget, or planning a date night with your significant other or BFF that is LONG overdue. You just have to do it. You are so worth it!

How could you implement Freedom Friday into your week? I would love to hear your ideas.

Live Fearless…Be Epic!

Embracing the Un-Comfort Zone


Here to comfort the afflicted &
afflict the comfortable.

This sign was posted anonymously on my office door one day when I walked into work. Go ahead and read that again. I know right?! Is it a compliment? Yes! I soooooo love that someone sees me this way and stuck this to my door. It was also cause for a quick pause to replay recent events. I stood there trying to remember who I may have afflicted or comforted. Maybe it was a little of both? With pride, I’m taking this crazy awesome compliment and owning this unique quality someone sees in me.

For me, supporting others out of their comfort zone is definitely a process. Occasionally it might even feel like a push—gently of course. Just a little love shove to get someone who may be stuck to move forward. If you have been around me you also know that for my tribe, I will comfort and fiercely stand by you in the middle of a storm. That is for sure one of my superpowers. #ineedacape

So, as a career coach and consultant, being good at this “getting out of your comfort zone” stuff should come easy peasy for me personally, too, right?! Yet it seems that when I am faced with the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, my first instinct is to run, hide or basically play dead! Yep, not even going to pretend.

I love imposing challenge and growth on others, but it’s not so fun when it’s all about my growth. This past week I traveled to California to become a better speaker and craft my message. What I learned during that time stretched me beyond what I had imagined. I was inspired to do a number of new things in my business that are scary, exciting and TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. As an added bonus, I got a gentle love shove to do things differently in my personal life as well!

Here’s the deal, if I don’t take this leap and stand right in the middle of the Un-Comfort Zone, I am going to miss the good stuff. I know this because I carry around a bucket full of 20/20 hindsight that reminds me of when I have let fear, excuses, finances, timing, comparison (I could list soooo many more, but you get the point) keep me stuck in the past and steal my momentum forward.

Where the magic happensSo today, I am embracing the Un-Comfort Zone and stepping into possibility with a plan. I couldn’t be more excited to move forward with a bigger vision and embrace the opportunities right in front of me. I truly believe, for you and for me, that the magic happens when we are taken out of our comfort zone. That is the secret sauce!

I’m committing to hanging out in this Un-Comfort Zone and working hard to be fearless and live epically! Consider now  where you need to step out of your comfort zone and into the Un-Comfort Zone. I would love to hear about it.

Live Fearless. Be Epic.



Finding Inspiration

About a month ago I shared with my mentor that I am struggling to figure out a few things.  She asked me to spend a whole month with one goal…to pay attention and listen to my heart each day as I was seeking clarity.  That seemed easy enough, but I wasn’t prepared for all that this simple task would reveal to me, when I slowed down and began to truly listen.  Actually the first obstacle was that I had to slow down and pay attention to my heart! Which means less talking and more listening.  Throughout the month I discovered places that were wounded, grieving, struggling, as well as amazing things like gratitude, joy, deep love, justice, passion to create change, and the list goes on and on.  I am just beginning to understand the profound task I was given.

I will admit that paying attention to my heart is going much better than my journalling about it.  This past weekend brought a new insight about taking time to purposely nurture the parts of my heart that inspire me.  It was something that I had not payed much attention to.  I was invited to a dinner party in Minneapolis.  I have a deep love for this city and driving in I started to breathe a little deeper as I began to soak it all in.  It is a place that my heart beats just a little different and I feels alive in a way that is hard to explain.  Graciously, Siri took me right to the dinner party without any rerouting.  As I walked onto the big enclosed front porch, I noticed a couch that instantly transported me through time to endless summer nights and in-depth conversations with girlfriends.  Back then I only had myself to consider so it was a time of discovery and taking risks.  I was just beginning to figure out who I was and all the possibilities that were in store for me. This time of searching, trial and error and many triumphs laid foundations for my life as I know it now.  What a great thought of all I have experienced since then to flash across my mind.

I was welcomed inside and I drank in the amazing character displayed in the woodwork and the decor of the home.  Total Urban Bliss!  I quickly realized that I was the first to arrive at the party, where I really only knew one person and she was late due the unfortunate rerouting of Siri.  As the other women arrived, for those of us new to the group, there were introductions, hugs and an instant bond over the one person we all adore.  There was an ease in conversation as we enjoyed great food and wine.  Throughout the night those conversations brought insights into each person as little slices of their stories were revealed.  For me that is even more fabulous and rejuvenating than the good food…

I learned that night that returning to the city and filling that urban part of my heart was definitely my happy place, but also it is essential for my heart to be around strong women enabling me to grow from the incredible power in our stories and experiences.  These women left an impression on my heart.  I was inspired by hearing the passion and guts it takes to pave new industry roads by taking risks.  I learned from the stories of sacrifice, love, the lessons we teach our children, and finding order in a world that isn’t so orderly.  It was the great value I received by taking time to relax and unplug allowing me to truly be present.  In the past few days, as I have thought about these women and being inspired, I realized that this inspiration was playing out in my week and how I was approaching things.  For me inspiration always brings a challenge to grow and the opportunity to live life more fully.

Take some time today (or try 30 days!) to unplug and listen to what your heart is telling you.  You may find some inspiration, unexpected healing, challenge and even some new growth!