Just Pause

You know that phrase…Beauty from Ashes?  What does that even mean?  Why does it feel so patronizing sometimes?  Well meaning people tell you to embrace that sentiment when you are standing in the hot embers of the fire that just burned down some area of your life or your dreams.  Or even worse, knowing that you burned it down all on your own.  Yep, I play with matches.  Never a fun reality!  It’s so much easier to see the beauty when you’re standing far away from the heat of the fire and the hurt.  Experiencing the Beauty from Ashes is a matter of timing and perspective for sure.  I wholeheartedly believe that beautiful things rise up out of the ashes of the hard, and sometimes downright brutal, parts of life.  It just takes time, restoration is a process.

Beauty from Ashes was a topic that wove itself into numerous conversations for me this week.    When the same topic pops up 7 times (literally!) you have to pay attention.  I did something out of the ordinary for me, I simply paused.  Being still is not my strength, but when I do…it NEVER disappoints.   There is great power in pausing, to simply sit with your thoughts and shut out distractions.  I took time to soak in the significant lessons and blessings that surfaced after the brutal parts of my life.  Fortunately, unfortunately there was plenty to reflect on.

I went on the hunt for my journal, dusted it off and started writing.  The journalling pause is a hard one for me, I would rather just talk and analyze.  Shocker, I know!  Seeing the words on the page changes things.  What seemed to be the worst possible things at the time, revealed a bold pattern of grace over and over.  Some of the best things rose up as a result of those ashes.  I saw courage, inner strength, and how hard I worked to restore and grow over the years. Also, there were so many blessings and opportunities that I never could have dreamed of as a result.  I wanted these reflections to be all rainbows and sunshine and perfectly resolved on the page.  That’s the irony of pausing, it also revealed places that are still very tender and waiting for the beauty to be revealed.  I was humbled to see that in ALL things God is Good and Faithful.  I saw how I have been refined in this process of Beauty from Ashes time and time again.

What would be revealed if you took a quiet moment to pause?  Would you see that some of the worst days were actually turned into beautiful blessings?  It is incredibly brave, and honestly a little vulnerable, to look back on the hard times seeking out the Beauty from Ashes.  Finding perspective and gratitude through these circumstances will also bring healing, reveal strength, and so much more.  There is Power in the Pause!

Live Fearless, Be Epic!